P1030506You can read my bio, but the testimonials below speak to what I’m truly about

 What an amazing transformation I’ve made with your guidance, support and loving heart. Dr. Cindy Brown, Psychotherapist, Culver City, CA

“Wanda Marie is a highly superb individual with the sensitivity, nurturing capabilities, analytical thinking, honest and integrity and insights that would be a plus in anyone’s life. I highly recommend her to all who seek her guidance.” Joan Moon, Realtor, Culver City, CA

“Wanda Marie is a walking vortex of love and transformation. She is a practitioner who is able to support her clients in love and at the same time sheer authenticity and truth. Wanda is magical!” Cory Tyler, Actor and Relationship Coach, Los Angeles, CA

Wanda has been my teacher, my coach, my personal support system. She believed in me, cared for me and brought to the surface many dormant thoughts and helped me refocus my power. Wanda has helped me far beyond what she will ever know. Sue Podany, President of S.K. Podany & Associates, Newport Beach, CA

“Wanda Marie is a focused and committed executive. Her vision is far reaching and she is able to manifest her ideas with clarity and loving leadership.” Tanya White, Writer, Santa Monica, CA

Wanda has helped me learn how to focus my attention, face some of my fears, overcome doubts and achieve my goal. Jan Fieda., MFCC, Whittier, CA

Sometimes it is best for me to work with someone to help me decipher my ideas and to give me direction I am so glad that GOD directed me to you. You have given me great insight, direction and confidence. You have taught and given me many tools on many different aspects that will continue to help me throughout my career and personal life. You are indeed a very precious and special gem. You are indeed a Queen of Queen. And I thank you for being all that GOD has chosen you to be. Sandra Jernagin, Esteem Massage, Culver City, CA

Wanda, my deepest gratitude for all the blessings I received during the processes of forgiveness and learning to accept myself for who I am and the great freedom I felt releasing the past by learning to thank the “seeming” perpetrators. I am grateful to have been ready to receive the great teacher that you are. A million thanks multiplied by infinity. Alicia “Jaguar Speaker”

You gave me the motivation and knowledge to create my reality. Little by little I’m even understanding the concept of being responsible for my own happiness. Christina Campbell, Student, Long Beach, CA

Through Wanda’s support, patience and thoroughness, I have learned to schedule my time better and save money. Mittie Tatsuno, Massage Therapist, Torrance, CA

Thanks Wanda and God bless you for loving yourself enough to share your truth. Marjorie Alden Carey, Image Consultant, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

As a result of working with you, I have seen first-hand that nothing is impossible. By incorporating this one thought/belief into my daily life, I have attained what I use to think was unattainable. Cathie Rao, Torrance, CA


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