20 Promotional Avenues

1.         Free speaking engagements and teleclasses (for general exposure)

2.         Presentation (Introductory) Seminars for nominal charge (one week in advance)
3.         Personal mailings (twice within 6 weeks plus phone calls)
4.         Email blasts mailings (done once a week up until event)
5.         Networking (creating an alliance with other complementary organizations)
6.         Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In)
7.         Joint Venture Marketing
8.         Video Presentations
9.         Video Brochure Distribution
10.       Cable Television
11.       National Television
12.       Informercials
13.       Local Radio
14.       National Radio
15.       Internet Radio
16.       Podcasts
17.       Newspaper Classified Ads/Calendar Listings
18.       Press Releases (articles)
19.       Trade Magazine Display Ads
20.       Trade Show Exhibits

Social Media Notes

Linked In – For Business Builders (http://learn.linkedin.com/training/ ) Face Book – For Neworking. Twitter – For Staying Connected (following people) MySpace – For Family & Friends NIG to create your own network group for your industry. PING.FM to update all … Continue reading