P1030497Coaching is an ongoing relationship which focuses on the client taking action toward the realization of their vision, goals or desires. Personal Coaching can assist you in managing your personal life, dealing more effectively in your relationships, advancing your career or changing careers, expanding your business or starting a business, planning a wedding or other family matters. Everything from cleaning out closets to building empires.

You will find our work together gentle yet powerful and productive. You will start to make dramatic shifts rather quickly.  You will find yourself thinking more positive thoughts throughout the day, becoming more understanding and accepting of others, getting more done with less effort and less stress, becoming more focused, centered, healthy and alive. And, soon you will watch how you start attracting success to you, rather than chasing it.

Coaching begins with a 90-minute Clarity Session to get your complete story and establish desires and goals. Fees are then based on individual client needs and billed in advance each month. Standard fees are as follows:

Free Initial half-hour get-acquainted phone conference
$375 For  90-Min to 2-hour in person Clarity session
$500 Month for 4 half-hour coaching sessions by phone.

When you enroll me into your life as your Personal Coach, you also receive a Personal Empowerment Trainer, Spiritual Teacher, Business Strategies Partner, a Career Consultant, and a Resource for Healing, Change and Behavior Modification. Plus… you receive Positive Constructive Feedback, Acknowledgment and Endorsement, a Compassionate Voice, Personal Growth, a Greater Sense of Balance, Inner Peace, Focus and Direction for Life.

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