Personal Empowerment Tools

Living Inner Peace: A  Personal Guide to Greater Happiness by Wanda Marie. The Book describes Wanda Marie’s profound search for inner peace. She tells the story of her own traumatic childhood where abuse and violence were common household occurrences, and chronicles her journey toward a fascinating discovery of the peace principles that changed her life. Living Inner Peace Book $15

Pain to Inner Peace Guided Exercise CD $15

Book & CD Set $25 
Here’s an Article on Inner Peace by Wanda Marie.
Also, visit the Inner Peace Website for valuable resources.

Embracing Your Power in 30 Days: A Journey of 
Self-Discovery and Personal Freedom by Yolanda King and Wanda Marie. 
Yolanda King, shares her intimate journey of finding inner peace and personal empowerment. “Each day you are invited to share an intimate moment with Yolanda King as she shares with you her personal journey for embracing her power through her commentary. You will then be given an opportunity to embrace your own power through the exercises and tools offered by Life Coach Wanda Marie. Book $15 

Embracing Your Power Guided Meditation CD $15 

Book & CD Set $25 

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