Acceptance Ceremony: A Gift for You or Someone You Love

This ceremony is always a huge success for special birthday parties for both, men and women. The person of honor is treated royally, showered with words of praise and presented with gifts, AND, they are only allowed to receive and accept, no words are spoken by the person receiving. It sounds easy, but it’s often difficult to receive in silence. Laughter is always out loud, and tears of joy are often shed. This ceremony is also performed for women and men celebrating sobriety or other special events in their lives.

Sacred Self-Marriage: A Rite of Passage for Women

This is a two-day journey of self-love and personal commitment. Whether you are married or not, every woman should be married to herself first! The preparation for the Sacred Ceremony is done as a 2-day intensive to prepare for this special rite of passage.

The first full day you will spend writing your divorce papers, divorcing yourself from all past negative people and situations, you will enter a process of forgiveness of those that have hurt or harmed you in any way, consciously or unconsciously, and the day will end with you writing new vows for yourself and for your life as a new whole, complete and empowered woman.

The final day is a half-day event which culminates in the Rite of Passage Ceremony where family and friends are invited to come and witness (if you so desire.) Many women have invited their husbands to attend, to witness the new woman. This beautiful self-honoring ceremony needs no special occasion, however, it’s a great way to celebrate a woman’s milestone birthday. It’s also a lot of fun and extremely powerful when the experience is shared with close girlfriends who stand together as witnesses for each other.

More women are deciding to marry themselves. * Why I Married Myself Article

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