The Inner Peace Process

12 Steps to Transforming Pain To Inner Peace

From the book, “Living Inner Peace: A Personal Guide to Greater Happiness” by Wanda Marie

Steps 1-5

We Begin by Answering These Preliminary Questions:

  1. What is disturbing your inner peace?

  2. How disturbed are you on a scale of 1 to 10? (1 is slightly irritated, 10 means losing sleep at night).

  3. What is your level of willingness to have inner peace around this situation? Must be 5 or above to
    continue. 1 to 3 means not ready yet, perhaps seek some personal counseling or coaching; 4 to 6
    means you could be persuaded but may not be ready enough to commit to change; 7 or above means
    you are truly ready for the shift from pain to inner peace.

  4. Access feelings. Describe how you feel when you think about the situation. Then describe how you
    would like to feel. How would your life be different if you felt different?

  5. “I am ready, it is time.” It is important to say this to yourself, setting an intention to have inner
    peace around this issue.

Steps 6-12

Now the groundwork has been laid and its time to take back your power by using the 7 Principles for transforming Pain to Inner Peace. Answer the following empowering questions by being completely honest with yourself:

  1. Awareness (ig-norance). What do I need to look at? What is my responsibility here?

  2. Acceptance (resistence). What am I resisting? What do I need to accept?

  3. Forgiveness (blame): Who is to blame? Am I willing to forgive? Level of willingness (must be
    5 or higher to continue, see No. 3 above)?

  4. Gratitude (expectations): What were my expectations? What can I be thankful for?

  5. Faith (fear): What am I afraid of? Where is my faith? How can I build my faith?

  6. Surrender (anger): What emotions am I holding on to? Am I willing to let go? Level of
    willingness (must be 8 or higher)?

  7. Service (withholding): What do I need to give to others in order to heal myself? Close your eyes and see yourself giving fully and completely whatever you feel you need to give. Notice how this makes you feel inside. Now radiate that feeling from the center of your heart outward and shower the entire painful situation with this new sensation to transform it from pain to peace. Now open your eyes and describe how you feel when you think about the situation right now. Rinse and repeat as necessary until you get your level of pain down below 3.


1. Its not about friends, or enemies, only teachers;

2. What we give out, we eventually get back;

3. To blame is to point your finger and lose your power;

4. Anger is a final attempt to control a situation;

5. Control can stunt your growth;

6. Expectations can make you miserable;

7. Peace comes from the inside out, no one can give it to you;

8. Inner Peace regardless of circumstance is your personal choice;

9. Fear locks you up, Love sets you free; and

10. Withholding love is self destructive.


I am aware that this situation is disturbing my inner peace and I have surrendered my freedom to it. I accept the fact that without my freedom I can do very little.

I am ready to forgive myself and everyone else because I realize that whatever I hold onto has a hold on me, and I am ready to be free.

I am grateful that it is never too late to reclaim my freedom, and I reclaim it right now.

I have faith that everything happens for a reason even though I may not understand it, and I absolutely know that life IS good, and all is well.

I surrender my ego, my anger and my need to control, and I let go, and I let God.

I willingly give from my heart, love to those who may need it the most, for I am free once again, fee to be me.