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"When Yolanda King called, I asked how I could help her. She said, 'I'm a powerful woman, but I'm not empowered.' Being the daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Coretta Scott King, such powerful role models, meant she had big shoes to fill, but what about her own shoes?" ~ Coach Wanda Marie

Are You Ready to become a more empowered woman?

All empowered women are women of power, but not all women of power are empowered women.  Empowered Women are motivated by vision and live by inner guidance with a great deal of self love and respect.  Women of Power are usually motivated by needs (theirs or others) and are driven primarily by accomplishment. Keep Reading...

To become More Empowered is to LadyUp!

(Not Woman-Up - LadyUp!)

"LadyUp: A Woman's Guide to Self-Defined Grace and Fearless Love," is one of Wanda Marie's most powerful books. Relationships are the core of our happiness and well-being, and the most important relationship a woman can have is the relationship with herself first.  

The LadyUp Network is an online support system for women to come together and explore the tools and principles in the LadyUp book. Your first month as a guest member is absolutely free.

The Home Study Course developed by Wanda Marie is FREE for all women with absolutely no obligation. You will be able to download the Study Guide and view the training videos presented by Wanda Marie. So what are you waiting for? Go jump in!

“Being coached by Wanda Marie has been one of the most invaluable experiences of my life. By holding up the mirror of my possibilities and firmly yet lovingly guiding me to embrace what was there, Wanda sparked tremendous growth in my soul. I am so grateful for her love and light!”  Yolanda King, author, speaker, actress and daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King.

“Wanda, what an amazing transformation I’ve made with your guidance, support and loving heart.” Dr. Cindy Brown, Psychotherapist 

“Wanda Marie is a highly superb individual with the sensitivity, nurturing capabilities, analytical thinking, honest and integrity and insights that would be a plus in anyone’s life. I highly recommend her to all who seek her guidance.” Joan Moon, Realtor 

Wanda Marie's gentleness, clarity and strong soulful spirit, helped me to focus and calendar my goals. Wanda Marie also helped me to bring more joy to my work.  Within just two sessions, I put myself into a stronger active mode and "out of the blue" a terrific new business opportunity, with great financial benefits, came my way, a terrific directing job came out of "nowhere," I have booked more voice over work than I had in the months prior to working with Wanda and have more joy and ease in my life.  I am so grateful.  I am honored to know her, humbled by her love and passion to be of great service to all.  Come, join me, in allowing Wanda Marie to grace and bless your life as well.  Take wings and fly!  Iona Morris, Actress, Writer, Director, Los Angeles, CA

“Wanda has been my teacher, my coach, my personal support system. She believed in me, cared for me and brought to the surface many dormant thoughts and helped me refocus my power. Wanda has helped me far beyond what she will ever know.” Sue Podany, President, S.K. Podany & Associates 

“Wanda is magical!  Without your guidance and assurance I would have given up on my dream, my passion.  We all need someone in our “corner” who empowers us to believe in our dreams, Wanda has been that person for me, Coach, cheerleader, maker of magic.  She is truly a gift.”  Patricia Power, Registered Nurse and Teacher of Women’s Wisdom and Wellness Seminars

“Wanda, my deepest gratitude for all the blessings I received during the processes of forgiveness and learning to accept myself for who I am and the great freedom I felt releasing the past by learning to thank the “seeming” perpetrators. I am grateful to have been ready to receive the great teacher that you are. A million thanks multiplied by infinity.” Alicia “Jaguar Speaker” 

Wanda, it’s has been so wonderful to have you as a coach. I have to tell you that many things you’ve shared has certainly helped enrich my relationships and really opened the doorway to my understanding my own feelings better. I am forever grateful to having a listening ear with no judgement and the sharing of how to navigate with a clear path. I sincerely thank you. Carol Rasheed, Film/TV Makeup Artist, Atlanta, GA

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