Write Your Book in 90 Days!

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This Book Writing Course is for women who want to write a book but think they can't, or don't know how, or where to start. It's for the women who believe no one would want to hear what they have to say because it's already been said. It's for women with a message to share with the world ~ regardless!

Why write a book?

I believe that one of the best reasons for writing a book is that it changes you. It forces you to stretch and grow. You develop more character as you reach for courage. It takes courage to write down your thoughts and publish it, making it available to the entire world.  Who are you to be so bold? Who are you to think that you have something to say that hasn’t been said before? Who are you to think that you could possibly say it better that what’s already out there?  Yes, it takes courage to write a book, to own your thoughts, and to actually share yourself with the world. And Yes! You can do this!

On a Professional Level, for the Lady Entrepreneur

It’s a well-known fact that those who have written books and call themselves an “Author” receive more credibility than those who do not. It does not matter to most, how great the book is, or the validity of its content, just that you had the guts to write down your thoughts and/or pull together a collection of thoughts from others on a particular topic.

Therefore, credibility is an excellent reason for writing a book and getting your name out there. Another good reason is revenue. Someone once said that knowledge equals power when you package it. Once you have a product to sell, you have positioned yourself to begin receiving passive income depending upon how you market your product. Your book could actually make money for you while you’re sleeping. You could have affiliates promoting your book for you, teachers teaching from your book and selling it to their students. Your book could become the focus of a book club and receive a great deal of publicity. Once it’s out there, who knows where it could end up.

This is not a course on writing a novel, it's a course for writing a self-help book that transforms lives, and/or a book that promotes your business and positions you as an authority on your subject.

Your Course... In 90 Days...