Life Coach Training

Do you find that people often come to you for free advice?

So You Want to Become a Certified Life Coach!

Do people constantly share their personal stories with you, or seek your advice? Are you drawn to want to help those in need? If so, you may have a compassionate heart and a special calling for the work of a Life Coach.  This program was designed to assist individuals such as yourself to give you the skills, tools and techniques to promote your services as a professional.

A Bit About Coaching:   

To date, there are no government regulations for Coaching, and anyone can declare themselves a Life Coach, without any formal education or certification. I tell you this because you don’t need this course, or any course, in order to say you are a Life Coach. The purpose of certification is to prepare you with the proper tools and strategies for working with clients on a more professional level.

Your Training Program Covers:

TUITION: The Legacy Lifestyles Coach Certification is a 12-Week Program and the tuition is $2,700 which includes your downloadable training manual, client forms and 12 phone sessions held 4 per month over a 3-month period. The  tuition may be shared with a friend or colleague.  Groups of 3 or more pay $900 each. Payments may be paid in full, or spread out over the 3 month course. Click here for the full training agenda. Click here for student application.

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