The partner Program

certification through participation

Can you think of 2 people who:

  1. need coaching (marriage, divorce, dating, job/career change, any major life changes),

  2. know the value of working with a coach, and

  3. is able and willing to hire a coach to improve the quality of their life?

If your answer is "yes" you could receive your training and certification in as little as 12 weeks for only $475.

Here's How It Works!

  1. You sign up 2 clients into our standard On-Track Coaching Program which is 3-months (12-weeks) at our current rate of $600/month;

  2. I coach them the first 8 weeks. This is your training as you observe each session.

  3. You coach them the final 4 weeks as I observe what you've learned and offer feedback and support.

  4. Upon completion of the 12-weeks you take the oral exam for certification.

How We Work with ClientS

  1. Client sessions are by phone, scheduled in 30-minute time slots. You and I block off 60-minutes, allowing 15-min before and 15-min after each session. The client calls the Coach.

  2. Before each session, the Coach spends 10-15 minutes reviewing the client info or notes from the prior session. You and I do this together by phone just prior to the client calling.

  3. During the session Coach and Client take notes. After each session, you and I remain on the phone 10-15 minutes to compare notes.

  4. I take the lead the first 8 weeks, you take the lead the final 4 weeks. Should the client want to continue coaching beyond the 12-weeks (3 month program), they commit to you at your fee and I'm no longer part of the process.

Getting Started

  1. Your total cost is $475 which includes your training manual and 3 initial training sessions to introduce you to Coaching Basics, have you set up your systems, and provide you with guidance on enrolling your clients into the coaching program.

  2. Once your payment is received, your 3 sessions are scheduled and facilitated. You should have your 2 clients lined up in advance as there are no refunds if you can't find your 2 clients to enroll into the coaching program.

  3. Once your clients are ready to begin coaching, a mutually convenient time is selected for the three of us to work together by phone over the 12-week period. They pay for their first month, we mark our calendars and the coaching/training begins...

Contact us to find out if this program is right for you.

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